Feat. Swateezy

[Chorus – Swateezy] I'm just tryna chit, chat, talk for a minute
So shawty sit back, hollup and listen
I'm not only tryna hit that, so before you start trippin
I don't wanna miss that opportunity I'm giving
With you

[Verse 1 – Swateezy] See I just wanna talk for a second
So come and share your blessings cuz I am interested
In a convo, followed with some text messages
Cuz I wanna dig deeper then what you flexing with
I learned my lesson with these fast ass
Females after cash stacks relationships that tax that makes no sense
It's pretense, I'm just tryna put your presents in my presence
Start off with a friendship and continue if it's ment to be,
But it seems like you were ment for me,
Time is money when I'm with you it's like rents for free
These hoes aint temptin me
Cuz you see what they don't, and that's the best in me
Nothing less in me
That's why I wanna see where we can take this
With you I became better no lasik
So lets make this, true to my visions
Heres my cell all I need is 10 digits

[Chorus:] [Verse 2 – Apollo] I see skies that's very blue beautiful queen wit skin the blend of honey dew I coulda dreamed about a time I coulda married you but when I looked upon this vision that nothing was youfading away slowly better then Kobe or Jordanmy obstacles are in my path but regardless I'm scoring dmt so I can feel you here with mepassion burning from your presence but no one can see I remember the time you spent the night wityou looked me in my eyes and said you see the light in me see that inspired me to make me find the light in me calling me and writing me Sunday night you skyping me rooftop dinner sipping don perionhoping in the future that you ever hear this song marijuana got my mind gone hoping in the future that you ever hear this song


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