Feat. Quite Frank, Lil Era, Dj B-Flex

[Quite Frank – Verse 1] Show after show always waking up in new towns,
Doors after doors, new chicks about to get knocked down
In & out lifestyle, but can't fit that life style,
Right now your man text me hating while you skyping in you night gown
Got me contemplating how your body feels about now.
While your man mad googling my next show and flight out.
Keep nicca with me that be ready to put your light out,
There's still super hero nicca thought that went out of style.
Got me playing villain while I'm decoding the alarm on your second house.
Where she waiting for me tell me that she Horny,
Asking me am I hungry Delivery with your money My nicca your bitth is phony,
She the love of your life and to me she my nutty butty.
I'll be performing tonight, her and her friend is coming,
It's just me and my Mic and Her and her friends are coming,
In the end before I arrive, first her and her friends are coming

[Quite Frank – Chorus] Slow Down, cause your bitch is to easy
Slow down, cause your girl was trying to see me
Slow Down

[Lil Era – Verse 2] Hold up playa
Pump yo breaks
Before you run up on me
Askin why you bitch be stayin at my place
Cuz I ain't shit
Just a scruffy nigga wit a long dick
Said she always wanna fuck a rapper
So I gave her a free verse and she came quick
Like daymnnnnmn
You easy huh?
Either that or her man ain't eatin her
But it ain't my fault a nigga ain't cuff his girl
I still got her number here in my pocket
Shit you can have it back I don't need the worries
I hit it once maybe twice then I stop it
Got another nigga bitch that need dick in a hurry
Whatchu mean?
Yeah she she that she got man
But that ain't got shit to do wit me
She want me deep in her vally Kardashian
That's bad, yet soo sweet
She definitely didn't have no cold feet
She initiated and instigated
I just took what was damn near have to me
But it's all good it's all gravy
I ain't even rich lady
Think I'm bad now
Wait till the come up
And my bank account
Get blown up
Then every bitch and they momma
On that Carly Rae Jepsen
Tryin to call me maybe

[Chorus:] [Apollo – Verse 3] Baby girl this is your style
I ain't seen you in a while
On that pole goin up and down
Your number I tried to dial
You ain't never kept in touch with a nigga now I'm wrecking mics as a rapper and singer
Go ahead and back that ass on me and a couple stacks I'll wing ya
Damn this was like elementary school
Me and you we were so cool
At lunch I would share my food
Now I'm sitting on this stool
With your breast laying on me as I begin to kiss on you
I remember high school days when you left my balls blue
Now I see you shaking gods gift like we owe you somethin
Your name Alicia she said huh? I ain't said nothin
She said you look a lil familiar we grew up or somethin
I said no need to fear ima get you out this dungeon
Cause you don't belong there in my heart ya you belong there
Ya I slay the dragon now I made it to the top stair
Take you in and we grin you remember me
I found my queen she remember me my chemistry

[Chorus screwed by dj B-Flex]

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