Feat. Kj

[Apollo – Chorus] Niggas like us we a rare breed
Niggas like us we a rare breed
Open up your eyes nigga you can see
Niggas like us we a rare breed

[Apollo – Verse 1] Yea I say that I'm the best out
I tried school but that wasn't the best route
I smoke weed to bring all my stresses out
I make hits so bitches pull they breasts out like
A wisdom tooth who is you the only way that
You can hang is if you hangin from a noose
I wrote like 3 or 4 lines to get green
Like a Celtic Paul pierce nigga I'm the truth
Did you catch my flow I'm red hot and you 30 below
If I come first then I'm ready to go and I bust on her legs like I'm plexico, ha yea I'm nasty want a bitch who nasty and classy
Everything I touch I kill
Ima monster on the track I belong in lake placid
And I fuck her till my dick gets flaccid
On all fours while her head whip lashin
Test dummy in the pussy I'm crashin
Trynna cuddle hell nah I'm dashin
On my way to see Jacob the jeweler
Big Sean said it best
It's nothin more important then that mula

[Chorus:] [Kj – Verse 2] They don't make em like me no mo
A rare breed
They never madem like me before, nawwww
Too many niggas faking
Too many niggaz playin
Only the strong survive I'm talkn charles darwin
My kind going instinct
Dead or in da penn
My theory not a lot of real Gs left I'm just sayn
Real niggaz aint hidin we just stayn out the way because
Nowadays aint shit trill and niggas like to play
I hear a lot niggaz say dey wanna be da man
But you gotta pay da cost to be the boss can't jus b da mann because
You rico niggas no what is
I'm gettn my muney mitch and Ace'n yu fuck niggas
I'm paid in full wit da slip
A lot of yu niggas just wannabees
Yall don't know sacrifice yall don't know what it's like
Only a rare breed of nigga can perform his role nplay his part play it smart
Stay in ya lane nigga
We know you got heart

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