Feat. Swateezy

[Swateezy] This vanity got a hold of me
It's like I sold my soul to these
Material dreams, material wishes
All these vulgar depictions, venereal diction
Sometimes it gets sickening looking back
At my writtens and my tracks
Like, people really listened to that?
I guess that's what they call progression
Maybe a learned lesson
Disturbed oppression, from a selection of sources
And every time I torch this weed, I get forced to see
Another image of me
I get timid, in the kitchen cooking what your forced to eat
Adding to the downfall as the world depletes
A role model but some roles followed
May leave souls swallowed
Blind thoughts, deaf vision will leave your head hollow
It's a cold world, tell me if I'm wrong
I'm dropping knowledge so dj won't you play my song?

[Apollo] Hitting every single club up for no one to show up
Now niggas and bitches on our dicks when we get a call from
A man with a plan to help us stand in front of six thousand fans
Opportunity came and others ran
I aint saying no names but you a hoe for that
To put on for your city but deny and to state that
It's not important and better things are coming
Well that's true a better thing is here it's me so you better start running
A viscous flow that's here to change your mind, one of the saviors of hip hop it don't stop till a nigga out of time
That's why I grab the pen and always rhyme never from my mind but from my heart that real shit yes I'll guarantee you'll find
Materialistic wishes that come from a young nigga
From counting money to getting bread to fuck bitches
Well that's a dream you and those other million niggas chasing I'm chasing flows to be legendary patiently waiting

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