Feat. Lique

My time we grinding everyday, while you sleepin nigga
Got some niggas on my team that'll leave you leakin nigga
Gotta get it how you live in these streets nigga
My team we trynna eat rip nigga
We grinding hard ya me team we grinding hard
We grinding hard yea my team we grinding hard
We grinding hard yea my team we grinding hard
We grinding hard yea my team we grinding hard

Hit a lick on a bitch ass nigga better what his guard
Niggas think they mufasa well migga I'm scar muthafucker I'm here to start
Murkin all you muthafuckas that said Apollo wasn't gonna be a star
We'll look at me, a nigga like me so high I go beyond the stars
It's been some years, I she'd some tears
Fought my worst fears hoping that The Lord hear a nigga
On a mission to the money real life GTA shit nigga
You fuck with one and you fuckin with the while gang nigga
Survival of the fittest so I let it bang my nigga
I spit these bars so in the club I can make it rain my nigga
I ain't the same my nigga I'm goin insane my nigga
That's right I fucked your bitch but shit, who's to blame my nigga
I'm goin in on any beat take a seat pussy niggas try to fight me
I say nigga I'm Apollo the king nigga better spite me
Nigga just flowin going off my mind
And I say it's about that time that ima gonna make the city mine nova

Nigga rep ya set
North south east west,
Or whatever you rep
Keep throwin up ya set.
I leave yo girl wet
You leave yo girl upset.
I aint never scared no sweat
I'm someone you can't forget.
Bitch I'm wit the novas
'Til the day that's it's ova.
Waitin on that day
I get to cop that range rover.
Sippin on that purple soda
I know older pistol toters.
Nigga I swear
I'm tryna be a shareholder.
No stressin, I'm flexin, finessin
I got the answer, no question.
Put somethin on yo girl face
That look like salad dressing.
Man I kill it every session
Success is my obsession.
A hater hear my song
To him it's like the Great Depression.
Nigga you sound like 2 chainz
I'm at the top of the food chain.
I've been doin me years
It's time for me to go do things
I'm just fly and I ain't lyin,
Look to to the sky lm grindin lord.
Boy ya better listen to Super Nova
Bitch we grindin hard.

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