[Intro] What am I doing here?
Just as if nothing's wrong
Like everything's just fine
(Yeah, Detroit)
Who am I? Who am I?
All I know
All I know
All I know is I'm fine

[Verse 1: Guilty Simpson] With love sincerely
Even though campaigns smear me
I clearly still am that guy, won't let shit die
Never been a quitter, hard liquor
Hold my own, and I take you it to the yard with ya
From the first cry to the dirt lie
And my face faces up to the Earth's sky
And the view was bird-eye, I keep it real
Even if I had a meal with a sneaker deal
Rap now has a weaker feel
So we make noise at the time that you're sleeping 'til
Blowing through my reefer heels
Feeling these, when the winter breeze giving me the chills
That's home, the backbone
Way deeper than a rap song
Peace to ad, my brothers for life
Soon when I double the price, it's back on
It's Guilt'

[Chorus: Melanie Rutherford] Where am I?
How'd I get here?
Who am I?
All I know is
All I know is I'm fine

[Verse 2: Fat Ray] Nah, born and raised in the same city my daddy lived
I'm finna take him back to ghetty crib
With my nigga gs, Chi Dawg and Ill Uno
My first bars had ten sumos
Fuck kudos
High and die over a shoot'o
I cry too though
The whole shit a bad do, bro
Time flew though
Who would'a knew it would'a past you though?
Who would'a knew they would'a blast you folk?
The last true goat
Now I come through the back with a pack of aristocrats
Then they clap at you mumble rappers, the body snatchers is back
No pun intended, packin' a Mac in back of the lac
You get offended 'til your name comin' out of the hat
Fuck your talent, metallons is flying out the gat
The same niggas that made you will try fade you to black
The same niggas that payed you will try to stage an attack
The same bitch that you layed with will stick a blade in your back, facts

[Chorus: Melanie Rutherford] Where am I?
How'd I get here?
Who am I?
All I know is
All I know is I'm fine
Yea-, fine, yea-, fine
Yea-, fine, yea-, fine

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