[Seven the General] Incredible edibles
Pedal to the metal floor board
Settle debts with four*Fours
Fore score 7 years from up north

Sick how I’m getting off
Loafers in an open loft
Test the rover rope it off
We ain’t moving dope at all

We on that Bismillah
Rabiyeel La-illaha
30 in a rental car
Swerving Serving snicker bars

I’m trying to pull up on a bad bitch and split a gar
Spit a couple nothing bout nothings
And get to Blicking off

Shot shooter
Heavy on the moola
All the burners got a cooler
So I’ll Melt you for the mueller

Seven from the back blocks
Behind pack movers
Crack bags and black Rugers got me Running with the looters

Service the ooters tooters snorters and the drooleers dropped a ticket on the jeweler
Snake heads no Medusa

You know how niggas do you
So I keep a couple shooters
Practice Tactics and Maneuvers
Out in Cali running thru em. – Seven the General

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