Hope Mountain
Is the place where
The girl first dawned her face
For the crowd
That was gathered
Outside her dark white cave
And then scores of
Soaring eagles
Lift her to the breaking day
We are waiting (We laid there)
And we're watching (Gently resting)
The waters as they sigh (On the golden green)
Hope Mountain (In the falls)
Is the place where (Of the foxes)
The people come to cry (The hungry and relieved)
She was born (It's time to)
Like a diamond (Take a wild flight)
Out of the mountainside (And let things start again)
She treasures our (It's time to)
Brokenness (To produce what's right)
And will raise us from the tide (And start to make amends)
Look in the water.
Look who it is.
It's Jesus.
This time she's a girl.
This time she's a girl.

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