Antimatter – The Freak Show Lyrics

Antimatter – The Freak Show Lyrics

We've worked it out, figured out what it's all about
Don't retreat but don't be seen, Let nothing come between
No more lazy days, what rate do they pay?
Here's a knife, carve a life. As we plot your downfall in the nearest aisle

They're nailing up the coffin but you're smiling as you go
Coining in to nothing, it's all part of the freak show
Walk in my shadow
Ritual exclusion is just a part of everything
And tolerance depends upon the song you sing
Who's poison arrow?
And if you dance, you command no more respect

Now we'll have to find some other way to keep the children safe
Eve's been at the drawing board to segregate the human race
Falling from an altercation, you're put in a situation
Denied access to the one thing bound to stop you going under
Now you'll have to face tomorrow with no hope to beg or borrow
When you count it up you know you're gonna find it's not enough
Your only hope's to cook the books, Pray the man don't choose to look you

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