I was talking to this girl before a show does she like me? i don't know =
I asked her to go out on saturday night she said "ok that would be =
Alright" then she left she had to go to work she gave me her number and =
Said, "i feel like a jerk." i asked her if she'd dance for a song she =
Said she'd be dancing all night long she's my little go-go dancer (x3) =
She's my little fast kids go-go-go she didn't tell me she danced in a =
Cage hanging high above the stage i worked my way with a push and a =
Shove before i knew i knew it i was in love i waited every second until =
Saturday night i took her to dinner things were going alright then we =
Went out dancing went to have some fun we danced and we danced – danced =
All night long she's my little go-go dancer (x3) she's my little fast =
Kids go-go-go
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