[Verse 1] Burn it down once burn it down again
Are you my enemy or friend?
So save all the bullshit and the posers who have got something to prove
These days I leave those things that I like to someone new

[Chorus] Living our life with low expectations
Living our life with no salvation
Living our life on low expectations
Living our life, woah

[Verse 2] This place, it sucks
And I don't give a fuck
Empty lives and hollow eyes
Trading bullshit half truth lies

You're sadistic and arrogant and deceptively eloquent, that's you
I roll my eyes, checkout out
I'm done. I'm through

[Chorus] [Bridge] I know that this is going no where
It's hard, it's hard for me to fucking care – I don't
Con artists leading fools
Sheep sleeping with the wolves
I gladly leave that all to you


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