As revelation told us
The apocalypse has begun
An open portal fills the sky
Leading to the tree of life
24 thrones in the sky
Are paying tribute to the one
He stands among the seven stars
A sharp two edged sword out of his mouth
His eyes ablazed as a flame of fire
Lighting, thunder, voices rise
Four beasts full of eyes behind
A lion, a calf, an eagle and a man
The breach occured due to our love
The new physical element yeah
Finally able to touch your hand
I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last, the
Beginning and the ending, the one who is, the one who
Was, the one who is coming, the almighty

Wrapping bliss, this time for real
Our tangled souls warm up again
Astral mating so fusionnal
Hand in hand,
Like this doomed evening,
Beyond the gate,
Leading to the garden of eden
Snake, tempt us
Forgive us (god)
Tree of life
Feed us now!
The consensus is now broken
All the souls gather
And drift away far away from earth
Without return, never…
Like a new eve and adam
We condemned our race, doomed our children
Forced to abandon our ground
Bid farewell to the garden of eden!
All is lost his word has been spoken
The eighth day he destroyed all his work

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