Nobody, anybody, somebody, who are you?
Nobody, anybody, and no one to say it to
I’m in a coma I’m in the blue
Don’t even know what the fuck I’m gonna do
Nothing concrete in my direction
No simplicity in my perfection

I’m in a coma – I’m in the blue
Let me fly away
Cos I don’t wanna stay here until my dying day
Nobody, anybody, somebody
Who are you? who are you?

So just become the most adaptable creature
An evolution that belongs to the future
The truth is so damn hard to take
When you’re a bird of prey

Walking down the soulless street
The weightless steps of burning feet
Bracing as the days fly past
But in reality they last
Among the ruins of the past
At the greatest speed, at the dip
Give me one reason to stop this trip
As the ashes turn to dust
Give me one reason to end this rush

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