I've heard a lot about you
And I've heard all about your disease
Well they say you're an animal
With a rabid desire to please

I'm on the hunt, you're on the prowl
Do you wanna do the time
Come on, we got nothing to lose
Let's commit the crime

I want your flesh

So the feeling is mutual
The hunger's gonna turn into a feast
Got to cool the fire, control desire
It's time to unleash the beast

I wanna s** you up, s** you down
I wanna do it all over and all around
Russian roulette at a hundred degrees
I don't wanna die
But you sure can please

I want your flesh

Now that it's over,
The temperature falls
Reality begins to rise
What have I done, under the gun
Never should've rolled the dice

How do you feel, miss s** appeal
Have you played this game before
A nail in the coffin, a bullet to the head
Take the chance and wind up dead

I want your flesh

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