The worm fucks chicks in the back of his van,
Lights up his only smoke.
Puts on his mesh,
Pulls up his pants,
Drops in he's ready to thrash.
He digs beer and girls,
And cigarettes and skateboard decks.
And he's got an urgent need,
To destroy everything he sees.
The worm comes up short when it's time to buy talls,
He always laughs at sharkey's balls,
He's kindy sketchy and he never wears a shirt,
He gets off when the girls get hurt,

He likes beer and guns,
And cigarettes and skateboard decks,
And an urgent need to destroy everything he sees,
The worm,
The worm.
As I see the world demise,
Right before my bleeding eyes,
Today I've made my choice.
I know which side I fucking stand on.
It might mean I have to make a few changes,
I might have to fight my friends
If they stand in my way.
That's the cross I have to bare.

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