Barefoot under a divine mandate,
Against every sign of life,
Void minds with some bullets and grenades,
Open fire to a naked dead world
As you can see, my body can't tell you how I feel with a bomb in my heart
Wait to the time of the pride without values,
As every human, to live is to die

Inside a shell of corruption and terror
A finger judges you like in a chance game
(I) demand a power that never was granted (yo) me
By pain and suffering my intentions I'll reach
My soul locks up fattened hatred
That is kept since the day I was born
I was trained for the war like a wild dog
And prepared to confront the death

The eyes are blinded to me, I cannot see the destruction indeed
Political manipulation… The great deceiver who teaches us to live

Versus the world, neither you can stop our war… Nor speak us about love
Taste your own words, even a chaos soul can wait 'til the end

Protected by superhuman laws, immortal life awaits me in the other side
Across the sea like a violent shark, (You) can bite my body, my heart remains intact

I have no fear I have no senses, a fucking puppet is all I can be
But he is great, he looks us from Heaven, stupid glory and pride I will reach

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