Intro: how does it feel to have everything you worked for to be taken from
You and have nothing left as your life spirals down into nothing but

Pre verse 1: suffocate (yell)

Verse 1: what do you have to lose in this world. as you fade into total
Darkness do any tears come from your eyes. every time you scream do any
Words come out. cuz that's what you get you fucking bitch.

Verse 2: do you care anymore? what happened to the feelings we used to
Have? are they gone or are you just fucking blind? when I told you I loved
You I fucking meant it and what have you done to let me know that you love

Chorus: are you still here or do you not care anymore when I said get the
Fuck out of my life I didn't mean it cuz this pain I caused makes me feel
Like I am suffocating in hate.

Outro: I want to take everything back I never meant to hurt you babe.

End chorus: are we still meant to be or are we fake. I need you back babe
Cuz this world is to big for me to be alone. so I am sorry babe and please
End this pain of suffocating in hate

(It hurts to feel like ) (1 time)
I'm suffocating
(In nothing but hate)

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