Travellers sense all the time the
Fear of not coming back alive,
While the tears keep pushing on,
And the sad says "Stay at home;
You don't need to go right now."

The fear of what's left takes the tune.
The sad put away plays the blues.
Homesick gets filled with a pain head to foot,
While you wish that you should have stayed put.

We wish love wouldn't cry
When someone's safe, "Goodbye,"
Gets crossed with suicides endeaver.

You tell them "Call today,"
With words drifted away, and
Wish that they could stay together.

Thoughts dance around in your room.
You're curled up in bed so confused;
Thinking you should have done what you could,
And you wish that they could have stayed put.

Go look around when it's good, and
It feels like it should.
All alone far from home,
Just don't forget that your home's where your heart
Waits for you.

Go out and explore the world all in one day.
The heart is where home will say
Homesick takes backseat since hope's all it took
That's why I will just never stay put.

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