I could have pushed you out that day
That would have been the easy way
Watch you fly down that hundred meter fall
I wouldn't care at all

Falling, falling, drowning
Inhaling and you're screaming
Screaming… Pleading don't go

Mirages – as I hurt you in my mind
As the memories unwind
Mirages – as you led me to believe
In things that only you conceive

Why do you play that vicious game
I ask myself most every day
So high, that hundred meter fall
I turn around and there you are

Falling, falling, drowning
Inhaling and I'm screaming
Screaming… Pleading… Bleeding

Victoria falls were much too real
It's beauty false though now I see
Please try to explain
What was the aim, what was the gain
No matter how I try to wash it off
The stains remain

(We are gathered here today
To say our last farewells
We fell so hard down that hundred meter fall
Now – only stains of us remain)

Mirages – as you twisted with my mind
As you told me I was blind
Mirages – well constructed to deceive
The trusty and naive
Mirages – as you offered no reprieve
From the hell you had achieved
Mirages – as I finally could see
That there was nothing to conceive

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