Our feet were marching to a perfect tune
We wandered in upon a room
The middle of the afternoon
We were surrounded by acacia trees
The water flowing past our knees
I love to come to days like these
Just yesterday I felt like you had left us here
I could not conjure up the sense that you were near
I know why I'm feeling
Suddenly full of light and I'm still reeling
I couldn't have guessed that I'd catch sight of you
I caught sight of you

Once I was riding on a sleeper train
Reading from a magazine, I was only seventeen
In walked a mother holding the hand of her little son
He was having so much fun, smiling up at everyone
I had been thinking life was not as good as I expected
But I was taken back by how much joy his eyes reflected
When joy is tired and jaded
When hope is mild and faded
In the water rushing over my feet
And in the eyes of a child reminding me

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