A churnable soul, grace me with something new
A smile that I stole simply from the thought of you
If we could just meet in the middle of time
It's gotta be real, there's more than they can take away
I know how I feel, I just don't know what to say
From up close your face looks a lot like mine
Maybe we'll meet in the middle of time
Take another step closer to me
You took me by surprise and I was unprepared
But to my surprise I'm everything but scared
Of love, of you, of us, of love, of you, of us
An unlikely pair, but something works inside
I'm here and you're there but we're making it fine
Somehow we've ended up in the same place
If I close my eyes I can picture your face
Take another step closer to me
I'm brave, I'm shy
I'm sane, but out of my mind, Out of my mind

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