—–on da phone—–
Aight, nigga! [???] just came on the block
And try to smash on all the homies, nigga.
Who, who, nigga, what happened?
Ey, nigga, get your shit!
What happened, dog?
Get your shit!
Just meet me on the block.
I'm on my way!

I don't know about you, but all I wanna do is get my bang on
Stay strapped wit my sack
While niggas watch my back
Well, nigga, get your bang on

(Verse 1 -Squeak Ru)
Mack, I hear some niggas got a problem wit the [woosh?] I see the niggas got they straps and they ready in the hood
So I'm loadin up my weapons, steppin
Callin up the crew 'cause ass whoopin we ain't acceptin
And I ain't lettin shit go
Niggas got to back up, bow down or get wet up wit ammo
Muthafuckers got to pay
Or [?????] in the night 'cause I don't play

(Verse 2 -Mack 10)
At night I can't sleep, I'm tossin and turnin
So I stay full of 'yak and smoke sermon
Got a [???] to my name and though the hood's gettin bigger
I'm paranoid and sleepin wit my finger on the trigger
And now my bitches stressin that I'm livin [brome?] 'cause I'm fresh out the pen and get my serve on
It's all about murder where me and Squeak from
So fuck the enemies and we dumpin when we see some, so

It's the life of a G I got to live

(Verse 3 -Squeak Ru)
Them rocks movin slow on the block
Nigga, One Time hot and we just lost the dope spot
Got me curb servin under pressure
I'm so paranoid at night I keep my glock [and my dress on?]

(Verse 4 -Mack 10)
All these 187s got my mind undisstressed
And even claimin Dub S, you need a bullet-proof vest
You know the gang, nigga, when you dog and you loccin
Kill the first thang movin [and?] just the first thang smokin

(Verse 5 -Squeak Ru)
All I wanna hear is buckshots and guts out
Niggas gaspin for they breath is the type of shit I'm talkin 'bout
You niggas cruisin 'fore I bruisin
Ey, Mack, get your ammo, c*** the tool that you're usin

(Verse 6 -Mack 10)
Peel ya dome to the back, dog
'cause when it comes to the wood, they better know how to act, dog
Connect Gang, punk, yell the hood out and bustin
Nigga, fuck every clique that ain't down wit us, fuck em

(Verse 7 -Squeak Ru)
Fuck em and feed em dish
Niggas get dismissed
Connect Gang [faint?] at the top of the list

(Verse 8 -Mack 10)
You wit colored bandanas and clips like bananas
Homicides when we ride, so the world wanna ban us, nigga


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