I’m wired to my weakness, hinged to my pain,
Bound to my vices, chained to my brain,
Rooted to my fiends, molded to my cast,
Seeded to my genes, mapped to my past,
My head is like this.
A million voices in my head all berating each other,
It’s those pernicious ones, those nefarious ones,
Oh yes my heads like this.
I play Russian roulette with the thoughts in my mind, committing cerebral suicide,
I am the weapon that lives inside me,
My head is like.
The fucking cliches of torment are spoken once again,
The catharsis and the exorcism seem to add a little comfort,
If for one moment,
But something seethes and dwells in this god forsaken soul,
You know it's coming, you know how it goes,
You know how it rings, you know the story,
You know my prediction, you fucking know,
My head is like.

I fucking wish,

There’s a fucking schism taking place in my soul,
There’s a damn traitor making feuds in my head,
My heads like this, my heads like this,
There’s a damn villain starting schemes in my soul,
So what you gonna do, when you wonna getaway,

What you gonna do, when you wonna getaway,

I know it's got me.

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