Suck out my soul, swallow my pride, sedate my desire.

I enter the realms of the darkest abyss,
Lured by the taunts of a temptress,
The perfumed breeze, a constant tease,
As tantalizing shadows dance around me,
This desires a slave,
I'm under the curse of the tainted touch,
The Ill caress, the deadly kiss,
Magnetic persona, seductive aroma,
Smell the trail, get close to her,
It's so hard to stay away,
Bound to the nest like a child to the breast,
Inside her grip is where I am kept,
Now I'm doing time, now I'm doing time,
Now I'm doing time for her.

A prisoner of her beauty
A slave to her touch
Caged in her body
Tortured by L…

Captured by this gracious fiend,
She eyes me up and she plants her seeds,
Infectious connection, painful attraction,
I am held until the deed is done,
I go back for more,
Incarcerated in a beautified cell,
The prison of lust, the embellished hell,
I'm a slave of this soul and body,
I'm tortured by this imperious beauty,
Like so many others,
I'm sore to the bone, but I still want more,
I still want more of what she flaunts,
Coz she gives me joy then she's takes it away,
It makes me feel, it makes me.

A prisoner of her beauty
A slave to her touch
Caged in her body
Tortured by L…

The hypnotizing swaying hips,
Poisonous kiss, chemical lips,
Liquid mix, bodily fix,
Mental kicks, she addicts me,
It so hard to stay away,
From the graceful torturer, the elegant executioner,
What gives you joy will give you pain,
What gives you love is gone again,
Temptation bites the ego feeds,
Is this love or is it need,
Precious addiction,
Self infliction,
A lusting sentence,
A loving delusion.

A prisoner of her beauty
A slave to her touch
Caged in her body
Tortured by L…

Feeding off this body like a depraved animal,
Tasting the pleasure of others who came before,
Smell the seedy scent that's been left to ward of the next,
I'll affection, sick with beauty, contagious insecurity,
Leaving a bitter taste that turns inside,
Can't getaway from the raw paranoid flesh, infected breath,
Skin covered with marks of territory,
A desecrated body, abused by so many,
This body of art vandalized by mental graffiti,
Now worthless in all it's beauty,
Has this sacred temple been defaced for the pride of us,
To serve our lust.

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