[Verse 1] I know exactly where we're headed
Science won't give God any credit
And the church says
"As long the prophet said it
It's good enough for the church to be fed it"
There's four thousand different interpretations
We disagree from Genesis to Revelations
We need to get to the core of the situation
And stop bitchin' 'bout same-sex relations

[Verse 2] And the chapel says it's non-profit, yeah
'cept if the prophet wants a Benz, he goes and cops it
And growing up, wealth was never topic
My daddy never had bread up in his pocket
And my tax dollars only teach abstinence
'cept half the girls I grew up with got pregnant
Instead of scholarships, they got carriages
Instead of chasing their dreams, they're chasing marriages

[Verse 3] And Martin Luther King had a vision
So this must be a blind generation
And it seems that we've become a nation
Manipulated by the congregation
And we will never find racial unity
Unless we find equal opportunity
Well, I will never rest for immunity
Cause I was born and raised in a Caucasian community
The less-fortunate are run
By their desires for these poisons
Your meth, crack and heroin
They are the kings of the underprivileged kingdom

[Verse 4] And there's a phantom epidemic in our nation
And this phantom epidemic's education
Entertainment and recreation
They take priority over shaping generations
And what about the media?
Quit believing every single thing they feeding ya
The view of our political agendas
Is swayed by political vendettas

[Verse 5] And I am just a son of illegitimates
And I'm just another bitch with an instrument
And whoring out my personal opinions
And whoring out my personal convictions
And, yes, I believe that the church is in crisis
And, yes, I believe everybody's got their vices
But the crisis that provoked me to write this
Is I know the good I should do
But I always do the opposite

[Hook] So I should be the last to speak, yeah
I should be the last to speak [x2] I should be the last to [x2] Well, I should be the last to speak
I should be the last to speak
Well, I should be the last to speak
I should be the last to
I should be the last to speak

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