Aking – Against All Odds Lyrics

Aking – Against All Odds Lyrics

Curious and cautious
In a stagger on my heart's track
How vast the world was
By the lights of lime we gather
Inflamed like moths to a fire

Nautious like lovers
Tripping on the heart's trap
The gullible uncovered
A feint radiance
Two dullards finding their color

Against all odds
Caught between a curve and a soft spot
Against all odds
Unraveled in each other's arms

In a state of undress
How shy it was to touch
Uneven out the evening
Discreetly mocking the morning

Struck by the moon I threw myself over
The night has a rainbow mutely hovering

Weightless under covers
Slip into the heart's lap
Zealously juvenile
An old-fashioned raucous promise
Nestles beneath the bravado