The old esthetic customs wiped away
As the wind scatters the clouds
The new generation is born to stay
To annihilate, to waste, to die
Nobody to rely your deepest reliance
The kings of centuries old and proud
They have to yield from the way of the force
That tortures the resources out of reach
Fighting against insidious things
Infiltrating into innocent circles
Breaking the peaceful alliance
Killing the laugh and song of the birds
So we face the truth of the situation
We've entered the last womb of death
The worst kind of mistake is taking place
We didn't listen the voice of the truth
Everything must die someday, they say
But the immortal won't have to fade away
Do they understand the dimension

Do they see the gates of life behind
Or straight ahead
There was the adoration of the kings
They bowed to the king of a man
Now these kings are not in sight
But they're still there watching you
Now these humans created threats
Causing a new adoration of the kings
Magnificent powers which used to master
Are now humilated and knelt down to dust
Equipment innovating the system
Mental values falling in the sand
Making profit is the object of today
Machines suffocating the cry of agony
The wings crying for twinkling light
Mountains dissolving into liquid
This is the adoration of the kings
This is for the last
Obstruction to chain the nature
No forgiveness, no pity to cast the balance

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