In this world of opportunities we choose to buy commodities
Useless token symbols we claim as necessity
The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the shit we use to do our hair
The money spent has a result, but do you even fucking care
About the message that you bring? Does symbolism mean anything
As you interact with your fellow living beings

You are what you consume, your identity is subsumed
By the products that you buy, your identity is a lie

The end result is not by chance, every action has a consequence
There's more to your choices than mere convenience
So many choices to be made, so much money that can be paid
Your support for their policies is on public display
With every choice you play a role, every action has a toll
But it's you who has the ultimate control

You are what you consume.
The sum result of the symbolic meaning of the products that you choose to purchase.
This is the democracy of Capitalism.
You vote with your dollars.
Every purchase is a vote for the corporation.
Every dollar spent is a choice of ignorance over compassion.
A slice of cheese or a cookie is money in Jesse Helm's campaign fund.
A cleaning product is another thousand animals tested upon.
A garden burger is another family farm evicted by giant agribusiness.
A chocolate bar is another thousand starving children.
A cup of coffee is another dictatorship in Central America.
This isn't a call for a mass boycott.
It's a demand to pause and think about what your purchases say about you
And the world you live in.
You are what you consume.

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