We've got a dream in our hearts and we won't give it up!

Insane with desperation in a world so fucking cold and grey
Masked soulless creatures toiling, wasting day to day
Production units, fucking cogs, nothing but a number
Hollow lives, some existence, do you ever wonder?

There must be an alternative to this insensitive way of life!
There is an alternative, but we've got to fucking fight!

How much longer can we exist in this shit world?
The blueprints for the apocalypse have already been unfurled
Government after government has proven fucking false!
Have YOU answers? What's YOUR answer? WE'RE the answer and the cause!

If the government is the answer, it's a stupid fucking question!

Time and again we're criticized by those quick to buy into
The media definition of what is anarchy.
A media whose sole purpose is to serve the rich elite.
The corporations: those whose sole interest is profit at whatever price.
People buy into this shit unknowingly from birth.
What alternative source of information are they given after all? None!
You question, you doubt, you give up!
Rebel a bit and get it out of your system.
There are no alternatives, right? Wrong!
You won't find change in government.
You won't find change in escapism either.
You will however find a change in you, in us.
We are the system.
We are the masses so many speak of.
We are the root of the problem.
We are at the base.
Who will build the roads? WE WILL!
Who will provide the basic necessities? WE WILL!
Who will bring an end to poverty, homelessness, greed, war, death, famine, injustice?
If anything, WE WILL!
We are the alternative! There is no savior! There is no god!
A better leader won't come along!
A better government does no exist! JUST YOU AND I!

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