Chaos punx you worthless cunts
What the fuck do you stand for
You stupid s***s you fucking dicks
You're just the system's whore

Cheapening our movement under the banner of chaos
Circling your A's but the fucking point is lost
You've turned our movement into another fucking clique
A fashion parade of drunken idiots

Punk was once freedom from the binds of society
But you're just a bunch of puppets fooling nobody
Punk was a revolution for a social change
But now it's just a bunch of kids who look oh so strange

Fucking shit! Fuck that!
Fuck you, you spoiled brats!

You dream you're punk rock 'cause your tattoo says so
You act out your role in another pathetic show
You're undesirable casualties just another fucking nuisance
Just some old little kids fulfilling an illusion
The system created for you to play
Willingly and cheerfully I'm so punk rock you say

Well punk isn't based on how much beer you drink
How big is your hair or how much you stink
Whether you look punk as fuck or grey and dirty
Or how much of an asshole you can possibly be

Your outward appearances and snot nosed antics don't mean fuck
If you think there's worth in that you're shit out of luck

Punk is a revolution within itself
A revolution within our minds
An expression of anger
Towards this hateful humankind
Punk has no boundaries
On class, age or race
Or any other bigotries
Society creates

If we want punk to be a threat again
Not just by the fashion police
We must start to fucking think
And bring society to it's knees

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