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No. Artists List  
1 it's because I gave orders for them to clap it itaposs-because-i-gave-orders-for-them-to-clap-it
2 I fucked a man and I like it." i-fucked-a-man-and-i-like-it
3 I gotta chill i-gotta-chill
4 I am the greatest i-am-the-greatest
5 I fuck with Magic i-fuck-with-magic
6 if y'all remember in the first round if-yaposall-remember-in-the-first-round
7 I guess you the steppin' stone i-guess-you-the-steppinapos-stone
8 it better be NASCAR ticket prices it-better-be-nascar-ticket-prices
9 it need shade it-need-shade
10 if I got to start gettin' rid of first borns if-i-got-to-start-gettinapos-rid-of-first-borns
11 I’ll finish it off ill-finish-it-off