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I got the same passengers but my shit is a moving bus

i just make a move and bust!

I'ma movie buff

I'm aimin' high and she gettin' drug down after I stopped shootin' up

I'ma do something great to him."

it was someone in your crew

I got called a rat

I was the one they said the snitching was dealt

I will not say who told Yung Ill

I'd throw it in your cup at your bum-ass now

I'm the extinction level event

I said he get 30'd for a battle and you get (ate)

it adds up

I'll leave a message and get back to him

I'll take a patch of him and start detaching him

I’ve never been jumped

I see what’s goin' on

I make ‘em fry again

it’s time to die again

I mean they’re liars

imagine that

I still fuck with ICE

it had me fuckin' tight

in the same place that the Devil lived

is to guide a bunch of lost niggas…nowhere

it's like we rushin' (Russian) shit

it's not worth the shot

it is over with

I even had a couple legends

I let K shine

if it wasn’t for us

in the book of Exodus

I am Hov."

it was all a dare

I'm not gon' say they all were fair

I know niggas saw you there

I got in front of every camera that you’ve ever been on for years

I was stakin'

I remember the Summer Madness before

it's a favor for a favor

if I love you then I love you but if I hate ya then I hate ya

I might never be adjusted

in the south the shit happen everyday

I want y'all to give this nigga all applause

I said

if y'all would've seen what I seen

I ain't got no mo' love in my heart

I'm tryin' to make a decision

I didn't have a father to toughen me up

if I say I run where I'm from

I'm a fuckin' legend tho'

I"m talkin' to Barry Adrian Reese right now

it's just me and you

I would've left my bitch for some ki's (Keys) too

I'm at the end of my third round and I ain't talk about that tranny yet

I think you wanted Cass' raps to beat my shit

I'ma go bring him out

I’m not tryna steal

I’m just turnin' into all the niggas I already killed

I murdered Roc

I’m old school

if anything he Pierce


I gotta deck his dome

I gotta kick Roc(k) ass

I'm not surprised

it's a funeral…and you've been invited

if Day' tone a (Daytona) little high

I thought you said you was Crip

I don't like how you eyin' me

I let him inspect the (Inspector) Gadget for tryin' to spy on me

I ain't pay for a mockery

it better unlock for me

it's time to die